Whether you are an experienced rider or a beginner, you will get unforgettable impressions from the safari on the snowmobile. We offer you the routes of various complexities according to your skills and desire.

The length of the track is 90-100 km for a group of 5 persons. There are three levels of complexity: short, middle and long. The necessary equipment and special clothes (a suit, shoes and a helmet) are handed out. A safety briefing is given before the safari tour. An experienced instructor accompanies you for the whole route. The price is from 50 € to 250 € per person, depending on the level of training, the length of the track and a number of riders. You can rent a snowmobile for personal use on the territory of the complex or on the nearest tracks.

The following rules must be followed while passing the route:

  • a person under age of 15 is not allowed to ride a snowmobile;
  • a driving license is required;
  • a helmet must be on while passing the route;
  • it is forbidden to ride after having an alcohol;
  • maximum speed is 60 km per hour; 40 km per hour is allowed for the vehicle with the towed sled;
  • you are demanded to know the route and you must not deviate from the route;
  • you must have a set of clothes, meals and a mobile phone;
  • the rubbish must be put into the special places.

Snowmobile safari will give you unforgettable impressions. We will make up an individual route especially for you.