We offer all year round fishing both for professionals or amateur fishermen. A license can be obtained for 10 € per person per day.

1. The fishing on Valkjarvi lake Our touristic complex Riihilvakea is located on the bank of Valkjarvi lake. Despite it’s relatively small size (about 3 km), it’s depth is 21 meters. The lake is rich with pike, perch and whitefish. The boat is offered free of charge.

2. The fishing on Urikojarvi lake It is 15 km away from the complex. Only the electromotor boat is allowed to be used. The rent of a boat is only 26 € per day for 3 persons. The lake is rich with pike. Even the beginner can catch a fish!

3. The fishing on Puhajarvi lake We arrange the fishing on Puhajarvi all the year round. It is 7 km away from the complex. It is one of the largest and richest fish lakes in Finland. It is possible to catch pike, bream, perch, zherekh, kumarah and vendace. The rent of a motor boat (2 h.p.) for 4 persons is only 30 € + petrol.

4. Trolling on Ätäskö lake A motor boat (4 h.p) is for 3 persons. We have 3 motor boats. The service of a guide is provided.

5. Trolling is from 6 p.m. (pike-perch, pike, and perch). There are beautiful places for a break. The price is 125 € from 4 up to 6 hours.

We will arrange full accompanying and will share with you all secrets of fishing in our area.